Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Chrono-insectile Tau depletion

Time Flies! but its not running out...

During the course of the last month several important steps forward have been taken:

the 3D printer has been running with all the minor issues one would expect cropping up

A nozzle jam, leading to the hobbed bolt eating the filament, some issues with bonding to the currently cold bed and all the usual growing pains for a new printer.


Meanwhile, another engineer has embarked on building the lathe module out in a preliminary form, having a partially complete mechanical presence on the bench has begun to inspire a whole list of issues to consider and better methods of handling a turning machine in this small space even before the controls and electrical system has begun...

Alongside that effort, the majority of the parts for the milling machine module are collected with a similar high rate of improvements being added to the design even before implementation has begun

Needless to say, the days have been full and long, and I have a lot of semi-completed models to polish up and add to the 3DWarehouse in the coming weeks..

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