Tuesday, March 22, 2016


As with the last few posts, I am finishing off the part runs for 8 Cubes,

This leads to 16 modules: 8 electrical modules and 8 mechanical modules..

Five of these are 3D printers, one for the array and 4 for various kinds of testing

All the driveshafts
The four pieces of stock, and additional parts to make the "Z" axis

 All in all, quite a lot of grunt work to get all the setups together, cut the stock, prep the fixturing, write, then validate the Gcode, run the parts, deburr, drill and tap, deburr... I REALLY look forward to the automation part... ;-)

But grinding through this portion is helping to shape how the modular fixturing for the milling machine will need to look if a robot is going to have to set it up

4 sets of  modules and  frames

A lot of work, for an automated, form factor based, self extending, recursive, on-demand network of inter-operable manufacturing machines, but probably worth it... ;-)

Monday, March 14, 2016

Marching onward...

Since the design work is substantially over, ( for the first-cut, tested design) nothing to do but make the parts for the first batch of enclosures and modules...

Blocks for the backplane
Front and Rear side panels test-fitted

Cube module frames - stacked to conserve bench space.

A stack of module side panels

This amounts to (essential) grunt work, but is starting to bring the modular fixturing together and helping to define process steps and other less tangible elements of the part production process together.

I am excited about the near future, when the modular fixturing can start to come together for the mill, and the 2nd gen lathe design prototype can be built.

Much to do!