Tuesday, March 22, 2016


As with the last few posts, I am finishing off the part runs for 8 Cubes,

This leads to 16 modules: 8 electrical modules and 8 mechanical modules..

Five of these are 3D printers, one for the array and 4 for various kinds of testing

All the driveshafts
The four pieces of stock, and additional parts to make the "Z" axis

 All in all, quite a lot of grunt work to get all the setups together, cut the stock, prep the fixturing, write, then validate the Gcode, run the parts, deburr, drill and tap, deburr... I REALLY look forward to the automation part... ;-)

But grinding through this portion is helping to shape how the modular fixturing for the milling machine will need to look if a robot is going to have to set it up

4 sets of  modules and  frames

A lot of work, for an automated, form factor based, self extending, recursive, on-demand network of inter-operable manufacturing machines, but probably worth it... ;-)

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