Wednesday, December 2, 2015

NB #5 updated Git

A little afterthought on post #4

Here are some more specific details about the events and their consequences...

I added Git-LFS and added the model files back to the Repository last week.

The current state of the projects consists of this list of tasks:

Finalize all the details of the "Ultimaker compatible" 3D printer:

-Bowden Tube - since this printer design does not have an open space above it - the free form Bowden tube concept does not apply, I  will modify the Ultimaker printhead design to accommodate a connector oriented on the side of the head at the lowest angle that will still provide clearance, a shelf or thin gauge shield above the front-Y drive rod and the Right X drive rod may be necessary to prevent the tube and wiring  from interfering with the drives

X and Y
The drives, limits and all other motion features are functional and tested

The pallet arms have been rebuilt, clearance for the pallet loader will need to be machined in the forward facing ends

Custom Pallet,
The removable pallet that carries the print-bed has been designed, but needs to be machined

I have allowed for a self leveling mechanism and for an electrical socket to engage power for a heated bed option, the mechanical lock-down latches are built and installed.

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